INBTV Is A Customized Patient Education, Marketing & Advertising System

INBTV is an innovative and powerful marketing concept that makes use of your waiting area TV or your chairside TV’s to help you leverage the power of visual communication.  Our programming content is very comprehensive and and includes customized, educational, promotional, entertainment and referral messages that are visually and emotionally engaging.   

Say goodbye to the “News or weather Channel”. You do not need it anymore and it does nothing for your business. People can get the news and weather updates easily on their smartphones.  Instead, invest in INBTV  to help you with your internal marketing needs.  Visual communication is one of the most powerful forms of marketing to a captive audience in your waiting area or chairside during treatment.

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Sell More & Attract New Patients With INBTV

INBTV For Your Waiting Area & Chairside TV’s or Storefront LED Display!

1. Internal or External Marketing? Why not Both!

INBTV can be used for internal & external marketing purposes.  INBTV can be used on your existing TV’s in your waiting area or treatment rooms.   All you need is a media player & USB. If you do not have a TV, we can install one for you!   Electrical and installation charges will be billed separately.   INBTV  can also be used for storefront advertising. We have specialized programming for this application as well.  You will need a high-resolution LED display that is brighter then a TV.  LED Displays are installed on the inside frame of one of your windows.  Speak to us today to discuss how you can implement INBTV in your dental or medical practice. We can assist you from start finish or help you asses your existing hardware.

2. Quarterly customized Presentations

When you sign up for INBTV, we get you started right away with a start-up presentation. This gives us time to fully customize your quarterly presentations. We can create messages to highlight any aspect of dentistry!  We already have an extensive library of ready to go messages that you can choose from.  Typically,  each presentation is made up of educational and custom messages, trivia & entertainment and any optional videos you may wish to add to it.  We recommend keeping the presentation to 20-30 minutes long. The key is to have a variety of messages that will help you connect and engage  your audience in meaningful ways.   We will create a BRAND NEW PRESENTATION EVERY 3 MONTHS to keep your content fresh and relevant.  

3. 12-Month Renewable Contract

Your initial commitment is for 12 months.  There are no setup fees. The only hardware you need is a commercial Media Player and USB ($250 investment).  After the contract ends, it is automatically renewed for an additional 12-month period, but you can cancel with a 30-days notice before the end of any quarter. Presentations are sent out quarterly. Our service commitment is backed by over 20 years in the dental industry. We aim to exceed client expectations in everything that we do.  Our dental experience is your marketing advantage!

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INBTV is a complete, customizable dental marketing solution for your waiting area, treatment rooms and or storefront.  It leverages the power of visual communication, the most effective means of advertising to a captive audience. Here are your options



$149/Month + Tax  +  ($250 Setup Fee)


Media Player & PC SOFTWARE





10 Custom Messages in Video Format


40″ X 52″ P5 LED DISPLAY | Other Sizes Available

( Installation is extra. Other sizes available)

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Sample INBTV Programming

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