INBTV Is A Complete, Customized Advertising Solution!

INBTV is an innovative marketing tool that can be used to educate and market dentistry to patients in your waiting area as well as to advertise your dental services to prospective patients storefront. INBTV can help you grow your dental practice by helping you attract new patients and referrals and sell more dentistry!   Using your existing waiting area TV or the latest in high resolution LED Displays, INBTV is the most effective, visual tool to advertise dentistry all year round. 

Attract New Patients With INBTV

INBTV Is A Complete Internal Marketing Strategy In Your Waiting Area!

1. Internal or External Marketing?

INBTV can be used for internal & external marketing purposes.  We can make use of your existing TV in your waiting area to implement INBTV!  All you need is a media player. If you do not have a TV, we can install one for you!   Electrical and installation charges will be billed separately.  If you intend to use INBTV for storefront advertising, we recommend using an LED display because they are brighter than a regular TV.  LED Displays are installed on the inside frame of one of your windows.  Speak to us today to discuss how you can implement INBTV using an LED Display or your existing TV!

2. INBTV Content & Programming

We can create a custom message to highlight any aspect of dentistry!  We already have an extensive library of ready to go messages that you can choose from.  To get you started right away with INBTV, you will be asked to select 10 messages from our dental library. We will also create up to 5 Custom messages to highlight the uniqueness of your dental clinic. All messages will incorporate your practice information before being pre-loaded to your Media Player or LED Display. We keep your content fresh by creating NEW messages EVERY 3 MONTHS which can be added to or replace the previous messages.  The possibilities are endless! 

3. Choose Your Contract

We love giving our clients the flexibility to choose what is best for them.  If you are not ready to commit to a 3-year contract, you can choose a 2-year or 1-year contract.  Our experience is your advantage. Our service commitment is backed by over 20 years in the dental industry. We aim to exceed client expectations in everything that we do.  Our dental experience is your marketing advantage!

Get Started With INBTV Today!

INBTV is a complete, customizable dental marketing solution for your dental office.  It leverages the power of visual communication, the most effective means of advertising. These are the INBTV marketing packages available to you:


  • 1-YEAR CONTRACT: $189/Month
  • 2-YEAR CONTRACT: $169/Month
  • 3-YEAR CONTRACT: $139/Month

($350 Setup Fee Applies to All Contracts)


  • INTERNAL MARKETING:  42″ TV ($1,500) + MEDIA PLAYER ($350)


For more information, please call us at 416-619-9132 and speak to one of our marketing experts.


Samples of INBTV Advertisements

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