Dental Posters

Elevate Service Awareness

Over the years, we have helped our clients promote all aspects of dentistry, medical procedures and spa services using customized and ready-to-use posters. We have also created customized posters for our dental, medical and spa clients that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Dental posters are a great way to promote your services, educate your patients and grow your practice. At Identity Namebrands Inc., our artwork is fresh, attractive, customizable and easily implemented using our interchangeable SNAP-frame system.

Customized Poster Design | Gallery of Dental Posters

SNAP Frame Technology: The new standard in poster frames

Our clients love the look, flexibility and longevity of aluminum SNAP-frames. It’s easy to exchange your artwork in a fraction of a minute to help you keep your internal marketing fresh. Simply “snap” open the frame along the sides, place the new dental poster or new dental wall art beneath the protective cover, and snap it shut. SNAP frames are a great addition to any environment, including reception areas, hallways and treatment rooms. Black and silver frames are available to use with our wide selection of posters or have us customize your own at any time. The installation is easy and we include wall-mounting hardware with each SNAP frame. SNAP frames can also be used outdoor, in some cases.

At Identity Namebrands Inc., we offer you the option of buying our artwork “as is” or to have it customized. Just look through our dental poster collections and choose the photo, background and text you like. We will send you a proof before printing. Customize your Dental Wall Arts or Dental Posters

Customized Poster Design | SNAP Frame Technology
Customized Poster Design | SNAP Frame Technology
Customized Poster Design | SNAP Frame Technology