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Dental Branding Basics: Practice
Name, Logo Design & Slogan

The first step in marketing your dental practice should be Dental Branding. Branding is a powerful and sustainable high-level marketing strategy used to attract new patients and build patient loyalty. It is used to generate a positive business perception, add new life to a declining business and to maintain or grow market share. Dental Branding can positively influence buying decisions by:

Creating an affinity or emotional connection with new patients.

Providing justification for paying a premium price for a service or product.

Creating patient loyalty to the products or organization.

Demonstrating the quality and benefits of a service or product and the people behind it.

Dental Branding

Acquiring more loyal customers that are happy to pay a premium price is what many successful businesses strive for, and that’s what the marketing strategy called “Dental Branding” is all about. At Identity Namebrands Inc., we have the expertise and experience to help you develop a brand that will last a lifetime.

Dental Branding- Logo

Dental Branding Office Benefits

Dental Branding creates an identity. Right now, you are branding your business or product whether you realize it or not. The question is “what perception are you allowing prospective patients to form, and is that perception costing you sales by giving them the wrong impression in relation to your competitors”? Professional, strategic branding creates a competitive advantage by:

Creating a positive perception in the minds of target patients.

Positioning and differentiating you in relation to your competitors.

Developing, managing, and building the value of your brand.

Positioning companies as employers of choice.

Giving staff an identity they can understand and be proud to be a part of.

If you are opening a new office, taking over an existing office, re-branding an existing dental office for future growth or potential sale, please give the Identity Namebrands Inc. marketing team a call. We would be happy to discuss with you, how our dental branding services will help you set you apart from the competition. Call us at 416-619-9132 or email us at

The foundation of your dental branding is your logo. As your dental branding marketing experts, we pride ourselves in providing an all-inclusive experience that is simple and comfortable. We do this by taking the time to understand your needs, providing you with the very best in design, unlimited graphic design revisions and exceptional customer service.


Our all-inclusive dental branding package includes everything your dental office needs to get started plus unlimited graphic design revisions We will design all your stationery and provide you with the printing rights and original copy of all design files. Your designs are saved and backed up for future reference. We recommend, letting us print the first run to establish branding quality.

Business/Appointment Card Design

Letterhead Design

Envelope Design

Rx, Requisition Form Design

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Identity Namebrands Inc. provides quality printing services to our dental branding clients.  We have the ability to print using standard or specialty paper stocks using various processes or finishes. Our Standard Printing Package includes 1,000 copies of each of the following using our standard paper stocks:

1,000 Business/Appointment Cards

1,000 Letterhead

1000 Envelopes

 Dental Printing Package- Identity Namebrands Inc.


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