Vinyl Dental Kits

Build your practice with quality patient referrals!


Identity Namebrands | Dental Marketing

Our vinyl dental kits are the perfect, branded, patient giveaway for new patients or to remind patients that you welcome patient referrals, online reviews on your social media networks and to promote your practice at the local gym, school, daycare, senior’s home or community event.  You can event distribute these to new residents in your local area through a door-to-door distributor.   Add as much value as you want by including a branded toothbrush, lip balm, pen, or even a postcard of size 9″ x 3″.

Your patients will love this promotional giveaway! Children will use the vinyl dental kits as pencil cases where other children will see it; women will take their dental kits to the office where it will be seen by co-workers and men will keep it in the car or luggage and use it as a travel dental kit. We recommend that these kits be used selectively with your existing loyal patients to generate more quality patients. You can also use them as new patient

Available in Blue, Limegreen, Orange & Purple

1,000 Branded Dental Kits: $1,250

   500 Branded Dental Kits: $850

  • 250 vinyl pouches of each colour (Blue, Limegreen, Orange & Purple)
  • 1,000 Customized referral/promotional double-sided cards
  • 1,000  Customized 2” round labels

Vinyl Pouches Only – 75 Cents each

  • 250 vinyl pouches of each colour (Blue, Limegreen, Orange & Purple)
  • Minimum Order of 500



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