Teeth Whitening Kits

Branded Teeth Whitening Kits


The best affordable way to build your dental practice!


Teeth whitening has been proven to be an effective giveaway at attracting new patients. While other professional systems can cost anywhere between $25 –$65 per kit, the Identity Namebrands Inc. branded professional whitening kit is only $10.99 with a minimum order of 50 kits! Our whitening kit was designed to provide an alternative professional solution for those instances where a high end professional teeth whitening kit does not need to be used. For instance, the Identity Namebrands Inc. branded teeth whitening kit is best suited for the following marketing applications:

• New Patient Special – A low cost alternative that requires no chair or staff time
• Event Marketing –Community events, networking with a school, gym or team sponsorships
• Grand Openings! –As part of a “Free Gift Bag” to all guests
• Reduce Cancellations/No-Shows –As an incentive for those hard-to-book patients or as a “last minute deal” to fill up a schedule.
• Patients Being Frustrated By Waiting – Defuse the situation by offering a complimentary whitening kit when running behind.
• Loyalty Program Reward –As a “thank you gift” for patients needing a whitening touch-up
• Re-activation Conversions – “Book your next recall appointment within a month and receive a complimentary Take Home Whitening Kit”.
•  Whitening For Life – Offering a whitening kit or refill syringe after recalls helps retain patients They will share the news with friends and family.
• Referral Reward –Given to the new patient and/or the referral source.
• Patient Review Reward –Want more reviews online? This is the perfect giveaway!
• Online Reviews  Increase Your Conversions– Surprising your patient with a whitening kit prior to sending your feedback request creates a psychological obligation and will increase your conversions on reviews.
• Social Media Marketing –A great way to get more followers, likes or posts endorsing your practice?

It is not just a whitening kit; it’s a whitening kit that’s branded with your office name, logo, website, phone number and social media information. It is a great promotional marketing tool that will increase your practice’s exposure and make your patients happy. Happy patients translates into more referrals, which ultimately means practice growth.

Whitening Kit
Branded Whitening Kit – Cost $10.99 
Minimum Order: 50 Kits

3 ml 12%HP syringe with company label (Allows for 6 – 20 minute dual arch applications)
1 x deluxe mouth tray
1 x customized insert card
1 x packaged in box and includes box labels (3” x 1.5”)

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