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Dr. John Viviano

All Sleep Disorders Dentistry Programs
Taught to American Academy of
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FREE EVENING SEMINAR! Evening Intro to Dental Sleep Medicine - 2 CE Credits

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Learn Dental Sleep Medicine with Dr. John Viviano

“I have been practicing Sleep Disorders Dentistry for almost 20 years. As Clinical Director, I have drawn from this experience to create these multi-level programs, designed to help you become a competent Sleep Disorders Dentist and create a Staff-Driven Sleep Disorders Dentistry program.”
Dr. John Viviano

“Learn how to control the forces that threaten your patient and the dentistry you do for them, and to dispel the many myths of occlusion.”
Dr. Barry Glassman

Spring 2019 Dates:

• Friday, April 12th, 2019   

 4-Day Mini Residency – 32 CE Credits – Dr. John Viviano & Dr. Barry Glassman
• The Highest Level of Dental Sleep Medicine CE in Canada
• Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues, April 25-28th, 2019

FREE Home Sleep Tests:
• April 30, 2019

1-Day Harmonized Therapy
•  May 3rd, 2019

1-Day Dental Sleep Medicine Study Club – Dr. John Viviano
• Friday, May 24th, 2019

Fall 2019 Dates:

2-Day Advanced TMD & Occlusion:
• September 13-14th, 2019

½ Day FREE Intro to Dental Sleep Medicine:
• September 27th, 2019

1-Day Intro to Dental Sleep Medicine:
•  October 4th, 2019

1-Day TEAM SLEEP: Dental Sleep Medicine for the Team:
• October 18th, 2019

2-Day Implement Sleep Disorders Dentistry:
• November 1-2nd, 2019

4-Day Mini Residency:
• November 21 – 24th, 2019

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Location: Toronto Dental Learning Centre, 2892 South Sheridan Way, Oakville, Ontario, L6J 7L4

Exchange information and discuss difficult cases with Dr. Viviano, other course attendees and other members of the group; an “Invitation Only” on-line study club. Includes Membership to SleepDisordersDentist LinkedIn Group.


Sleep Disorders Solutions Brochure | Identity Namebrands Inc. | Toronto
All Dental Sleep Seminar Attendees will receive 25 complimentary copies of our NEW Sleep Apnea brochure when they register for one of Dr. John Viviano’s Seminars.


This brochure incorporates Dr. John Viviano’s clinical expertise and knowledge to help make treatment case acceptance easier at your dental practice.  Shipping charges are not included.

Sleep Disorders Dentistry Attendee Testimonials


“This course is a must for anyone who is seriously considering treating this serious medical condition with oral appliances. Dr. Viviano is a captivating and very knowledgeable speaker.”
David Stern DDS D, ABDSM – Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

“It was my pleasure to attend the inaugural Sleep Disorders Dentistry Mini Residency April 7 – 10, 2016. The course was an intense 4 days, complete with didactic and hands on components that complimented each other. Dr. John Viviano shared his immense knowledge of material in an open and engaging manner. Questions were encouraged and answered completely. The course was taught to the standard of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Having been involved in Sleep Dentistry for the past 18 or so years, it was great to have a comprehensive course like this in Canada. If anyone is contemplating getting involved in Sleep Dentistry, this is a must course.”
Kevin Campbell DDS DABDSM – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“Excellent course. Reviewed areas of existing knowledge and added many new ideas and concepts.”
Joe Albert DDS D, ABDSM – Lynwood Edmonds, WA, USA

“I feel confident that I can implement a sleep dentistry program in my office after attending this residency and I have zero experience prior to attending.”
Shawn Van De Vyver DDS – Royal Oak , MI, USA

“I was unsure about committing to a 4 day Mini Residency on sleep dentistry initially. This course far surpassed my expectations! Dr. Viviano presented a thorough course complete with detailed forms and information to help implement this modality into my practice immediately.”
Gary Klein DDS – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Very engaging speaker. Course content is so relevant to any general practice and will allow you to offer sleep dentistry to your patients immediately.”
Janice Lee DDS – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“An intense, thorough education and training about an undertreated and growing health crisis. Dr. Viviano’s passion and depth of knowledge was enthusiastically delivered. I learned more than I bargained for. I highly recommend this course.”
Steve Rosenblat DDS – Oakville, Ontario, Canada

“Excellent course; both didactic and practical. John Viviano makes it fun and shares his science based experience well.”
Tunde Pal DDS – Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“Very informative! Great way of presenting and breaking down a lot of material in a manner that’s understandable and less overwhelming. Can’t wait to get started on the journey. Thank you John!”
Lynn Bazarin MSc DDS – Whitby, Ontario, Canada

“A very informative, thorough and comprehensive course. The course is relevant and I will be able to apply many of the newly learned items into my clinical practice on Monday morning. Thank you.”
Promila Mehan DDS – Cambridge, Ontario, Canada


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