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How to Establish an Effective Referral Program


A great internal referral program will help you attract quality patients to your practice. To be successful, it must be easily integrated into the patient experience, preferably by the hygienists or front desk professionals, who are usually the ones to have a closer relationship with the patient. There must be a reward system in place with various options and different reward levels so that patients are encouraged to refer more often. You also need to repeat the referral message in various ways such as in a practice brochure, dental kits, patient folder, we also recommend a hybrid review/referral card and poster.

If you have never implemented a successful referral or loyalty program, at Identity Namebrands Inc., we can help you do just that. If you are already running a referral program, we can show you how to enhance it to make it even more effective. We provide you with the marketing tools and the training to ensure a successful implementation and return on investment.



A) First, you need to choose your “Thank you” rewards

  1. Gift cards (Visit your local supermarket or pharmacy. The choices are endless)
  2. Branded Teeth Whitening Kits (The perfect gift for every patient!)
  3. Other Giveaways (We recommend The Bargain’s Group). They have a wide array of options to fit every budget)
  4. Monthly Draws. All your patients have to do is show the staff members their review to be entered into the draw. Make it fun, have them write down their name and drop it into the box/bowl.

Patient Loyalty Program: We will custom design a patient loyalty card that will help you thank patients for their loyalty and trust. The program is also designed to help you collect email addresses and cell phone number for future internal marketing strategies such as email marketing and mobile marketing.

Patient Review Program: This program is designed to improve your online reputation and credibility by helping you collect online patient reviews. Cards are selectively handed out to patients who then post reviews on your existing social media networks in order to receive their reward.

When is a good time to ask for a referral/review? Do so when the patient checks in or are sitting at the chair waiting for the hygienist or dentist. You will have more success doing it this way.

Patient Referral Program: If asking for referrals feels uncomfortable to you and your staff, this program is for you! this card is selectively placed in the dental hygiene bad or at the reception counter for patients to take home, work or school. It will do the talking for you but it will do even better if you verbalize the same message.

It is also important to be selective with your patients. Your great patients, they need to be the ones asked for referrals and reviews. Let them know what the prize to be won is to get them motivated from the start. Our vinyl dental kits are the perfect, branded, patient giveaways you can use to gather reviews for your practice.

B) Now choose your Marketing Tools for the program you wish to implement


Having the right marketing tools in place will make it easier for your staff to implement your referral program. The following tools have been proven to be effective at accomplishing these goals. In addition, we will provide you with an instruction sheet outlining the main steps to successfully implement your referral program.


 A great marketing tool is EasyMarkit – a patient communication software that automatically emails expertly designed surveys following appointments, and instantly alerts you to any negative responses. Every appointment follow-up includes a friendly invite for patients to refer your clinic to friends and family. It uses social media and Google My Business to improve your SEO and strategically increase the number and quality of your online reviews.


Referral Program Marketing Tools Cost Quantity Size
Customized Referral Poster
& Snap-Frame
$275 1 Setup 22″x28″
Customized Referral Poster
& Snap-Frame
$300 1 Setup 22″x28″
Customized Referral Postcards $300 1,000 3.5″x2″
Customized Practice Brochures $2,700 2,000 12″x9″

Referral Marketing Program | Dental Practice Marketing


C) Do you need additional staff training?

One of our marketing consultants can provide your staff with customized sales training to ensure the success of your referral program. This one-day training involves coming to your office, observing how you do things, teaching your staff how to use the marketing tools through “role-playing a typical dental visit” and making additional recommendations as necessary. Printed or digital sales materials provided. Travel costs may vary and are not included.

Referral Marketing Tools Cost Quantity Size
Staff Sales Training Session $1,500 1 – Day Your Office

Staff Training | Internal Dental Marketing, Toronto, ON


If you need help establishing or enhancing your referral marketing program, contact us!

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