Reception Videos

Would you like the ability to expose your brand, educate your patients, elevate service awareness, build your reputation and increase patient referrals? At Identity Namebrands Inc.,we can create a custom reception or chairside video that will help you leverage the power of visual communication in just 20 minutes. Our dental marketing experience is your advantage. We know that patients will not watch a long presentation, no matter how interesting it may be. In fact, 5 minutes is more than enough. However, if we can keep the communication brief, interesting, educational and informative, it will have a higher likelihood for success.

Every Reception Video includes:

• Professionally written dental messages on all aspects of dentistry
• Trivia, fun dental facts, did you knows, seasonal messages
• Office specific information (staff photos, events, specials etc.)
• Web, mobile and TV quality formats (720P High Definition)

Reception Custom Videos 10 mins 20 mins 30 mins
Price $599 $799 $999
Video Presentation Updates (Compiling fee + Message fee) $150 plus $20/msg. $150 plus $20/msg. $150 plus $20/msg.

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