Patient Education

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Patient Education

Patient education is a vital component to the success of any dental, medical or spa business. The only way to increase the number of quality patients is thru the implementation of effective patient education strategies.

Patient education is the means that will allow you to increase the I.Q. level of every patient. Patients who are more knowledgeable about treatment benefits are more likely to accept treatment recommendations. Patient education elicits an emotional response such as a feeling, value, or attitude that will motivate your patients to say ‘yes’.

At Identity Namebrands Inc. we offer innovative patient education marketing strategies that you won’t find anywhere else.  The Dear Doctor Magazine and Dear Doctor Educational Digital library are just two great examples that will help you educate patients, while at your practice, or via your website in the comfort of their home or mobile device.

For those looking for customized, topic specific education, we offer customized visual presentations that you can play in your reception area, treatment room monitors or via your iPad or tablet.  Customize the educational experience for each patient; after all, who knows the patient better than you?

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