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Enhance your website with fresh content and video!

The Dear Doctor Digital Library is an online educational resource for dental websites. Now, you can add fresh, quality content and dental videos to your website to enhance its conversion and retention rates. It has been proven that a website that has great content and video performs better than one that doesn’t. The Dear Doctor Digital Library is the perfect solution to accomplish both of these goals.

Dear Doctor Digital Library Features:

1. In-Depth Feature Articles With beautiful design and colorful graphics, featured articles are written by the country’s leading dental professionals – offering up-to-date, accurate information on all aspects of dentistry. 2. Over 1,400+ Pages of Searchable Dental Patient Education Advanced search options allow patients to enter a keyword in the search-bar or choose from a list of “Hot Topics”, “Common Concerns” or view articles by the “Departments of Dentistry”. 3. Personalized for your practice No matter how viewers choose to get into the Digital Library, they’ll know where to turn should they need the help of a dentist. Your portrait or practice logo are on every page along with your contact information… And with one click they can return to your site or contact your office via phone call or email 4. Dental Educational Videos Video marketing is an integral part of the Dear Doctor Digital Library. Videos are the most effective way to engage patients, establish credibility and expertise in dentistry. See available videos here. 5. Leverage the Power of Social Networking Chances are, you or someone you know uses social networks – like Facebook, Delicious or Twitter. Leverage the power of social networking by inviting patients to share the content of YOUR Digital Library. When they do, your name and contact information will also be shared with your community. 6. In-Office Use Applications Your office can print out entire articles with a click of a button – or email specific articles to certain patients before or after treatment. Use the diagrams, photography, case studies and illustrations to better explain upcoming procedures and/or encourage patients to read articles chairside as they await treatment.

The Dear Doctor Digital Library can be easily added to your practice website!

Dear Doctor provides powerful and interactive elements which can be easily added to your website. Identity Namebrands Inc. is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the Dear Doctor Digital Library. Dear Doctor Digital Library Investment • $110/month ($200 set up fee) • Includes the complete dental article library • All available dental videos • 12 month contract

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