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Inform, educate and sell more with professional on-hold messages


Message On-hold Marketing, Toronto

Phone System with Message On-Hold is an integral part of your internal marketing strategy. It is a marketing tool that silently promotes and elevates service awareness without you really having to do anything more than pressing the “on-hold” button. The average on-hold time for a dental office is 43 seconds. That is more than enough time to:

• Establish patient trust, loyalty and professional credibility
• Introduce and promote elective services or technology
• Educate patients about preventive care programs
• Ask and thank patients for their loyalty and referrals
• Communicate important news, office policies, specials or changes in your practice

Phone On-hold messaging dental, Toronto

What are your clients listening to when they are placed on hold? If you provide your clients with nothing, the radio or just music to listen to, you are missing out on the opportunity to grow your business. At Identity Namebrands Inc., we help you take advantage of this opportunity by offering you a complete, customized, on-hold marketing solution.

Advertise On Hold Dental Marketing

Your $1,200.00 On-Hold Package Includes:

• Digital (MP3) On-Hold System
• Manufacturer’s Warranty of 3 years
• 3-Minute Long, Custom Presentation (copy & editing)
• Male or Female Professional Voice Talent (English, French & Spanish)
• Professional installation anywhere in North America.

Upgrade Your Existing On-Hold Messages

At Identity Namebrands Inc., we recommend updating your presentation at least once every 3 years. You want to keep the messages fresh, entertaining and engaging. Please note that if you do not have a DIGITAL media player, a hardware upgrade may be required.  Each presentation update is $499.

Step 1: Listen to sample presentations

Step 2: Choose your voice talent by name


Confident and clear, Rick’s rich, honest, articulate delivery is the voice listeners recognize and trust.


Kim has a dynamic female voice with a smooth, energetic tone. Her girl next door vibe is sure to capture the attention and trust of your target audience.


A former radio DJ with a smooth, dynamic voice, Danielle’s range covers young and old, and extends from sexy, soothing and calm to upbeat and excited.


Melissa began her voiceover career as a DJ at a country radio station when she was just 17 yrs old. She has very versatile, professional and energetic voice. She enjoys delivering beyond client’s expectations.


Denise “talks the talk” with a cool confidence, making her the perfect voice for upscale dental on-hold marketing. Versatility and sophistication are always her style! She has extensive experience working with small  businesses like yours.


Intimate or energetic. Warm or enthusiastic. Edgy announcer or guy next door. The intensity may change, but the friendliness of Darren’s sound always rings through, creating a personal, trustworthy connection with any audience.  

Step 3:

Call us today at 416-619-9132 or email us at to place your order!


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