Lighthouse 360® was designed specifically to support 10 key areas that contribute to dental office success. Through our 30-day trial, you can put it to the test in your own practice.  The setup fee is the only thing you pay for! Offer valid until January 31st, 2017!
The key to creating a successful dental practice is strong patient communications. Knowing how to communicate with patients will help ensure they show up for their appointment times, and that leads to a more streamlined schedule, a more productive team and a growing bottom line. But you run a busy dental practice, and don’t have time to manually contact every patient to confirm or remind them of their appointment times. That’s why you need a strong automated patient communications system.

Lighthouse 360 Features and Benefits


1. Automating Appointment Confirmations

Just think about the chaos those broken appointments bring to your practice as your front office works to fill the holes in the schedule, and the stress it causes everyone involved. Lighthouse 360 can save you time, money and stress. Imagine how much time it would save if your front office didn’t have to call every patient to confirm every appointment. They’d be less stressed, and have more time to focus on what really matters—delivering exceptional patient care and customer service.


2.  Appointment Reminders

Patients get automatic reminders about their upcoming appointment so they don’t miss it.


3. Perfect Recall System

While automating appointment confirmations and reminders is a great way to reduce broken appointments, automating your recall system is a great way to keep your calendar booked and to grow your daily production numbers. Most practices, if they’re not ignoring their recall system altogether, rely on recall reports to contact patients who are due or past due for a hygiene visit. This takes up a lot of time and likely doesn’t happen as often as it should—and it’s costing your practice patients and money.

With Lighthouse 360, you can contact recall patients in a variety of ways as many times as you want for as long as you want,providing results you simply can’t get from phone calls alone.

4. Patient Reactivation

Lighthouse 360 also can help with patient reactivation through daily chart audits. The system looks for patients who haven’t been seen for a long time, usually 24 months, and then emails your practice to let you know they should be contacted via a Reactivation Letter.


5. On-Demand, Patient Marketing E-Newsletters

Reviews are a great way to get feedback from your patients and to grow your online presence, but what if you want answers to specific questions, ask your best patients for referrals, need to announce an event or new service, introduce a new dental team member or associate or there is an emergency and you need to re-schedule your appointments for the day?  Lighthouse 360 allows you to send out patient surveys, customized messages to one, a subset or your entire patient base.  In the case of patient surveys, you receive survey results via email; only you or a staff member can make them public.


6. Social Media & Patient Reviews

Through Lighthouse 360, patients will automatically receive a customized review request from your practice, taking the stress out of the process for your staff and making it easy for your patients to share their feedback. Lighthouse 360 will post any positive reviews that come in directly on to your website and Facebook business page. All you have to do is connect your Facebook page to your Lighthouse portal and provide links to other social media networks on your outgoing Lighthouse patient communications for patient to review you directly on those sites (Google+, Yelp, RateMds, and OpenCare) to name a few. This will not only help you keep in touch with patients in between appointment times, it can also help you attract new patients and while increasing your practice’s visibility on search engines like Google and Bing.


7. Treatment Plan Follow Ups

Turn on reminder messaging for individual patients who need to return for recommended procedures.


8. On-Demand Patient Messaging

If the dentist is out of office, or the office needs to unexpectedly close, an alert message can be easily sent to all the patients whose appointments are affected.  Lighthouse 360 gives you the ability ersonally communicate with your patients on and individual basis via two-way texting right from your computer!


9. Last-Minute Appointments

Fill last-minute cancellations fast: Contact all your patients who were interested in an earlier appointment in a few clicks.


10. Online Appointment Book

Lighthouse 360 syncs with your PMS every 10 minutes so your data stays accurate. Any updates made in your PMS will update Lighthouse 360 and vice versa.


Reach 100% of Your Patients by Customizing Your Communications

All your patients are different and prefer different methods of communication. While some would much rather confirm their appointments via email, some prefer the more personal touch of a phone call. That’s why you need a variety of options when it comes to your automated patient communication system. With Lighthouse 360, you can communicate with patients through 2-way text messages, automated phone calls, postcards and letters, whether it’s time to confirm an appointment or to schedule a past due hygiene visit. This enables you to reach patients the way they prefer, and makes it much more likely for them to respond to your communication.










Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the minimum existing patient count or email addresses I need to be successful with Lighthouse 360?

Answer: We work with a number of practices that have been open less than 6 months and are seeing fewer than 10 patients per day. The average practice that uses Lighthouse 360 only has between 5% – 10% of email addresses from their existing patients. Our “Daily Task List” helps you collect that information in the most efficient and effective way. We also communicate directly through cell phones which we find most of our practices have for the majority of their patients.

Question: What is the difference between a PMS and a PCS?

Answer: A Patient Management System (PMS) is software that hosts all of your patient’s medical records, their imaging, and health information. A Practice Communicate System (PCS) is software that integrates with your PMS to help you effectively communicate with
your patients with the right message at the right time in the right format so you can fill your chairs for maximum revenue in your practice. Most PMS come with the abiilty to send emails and text messages but they’re very basic. PCS allow you to save time by automating your confirmation and recall to keep your chairs filled.

Question: I’m currently in a contract with another PCS, do I need to wait until my contract is up?

Answer: No. As a reseller, Identity Namebrands Inc., offers a credit of up to 3 months to help your practice start benefiting from Lighthouse 360 without you having to wait until your contract has expired. Call us at 416-619-9132 for more details.

Question: Is Lighthouse 360 HIPPA compliant?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How are you different from my current or other PCS?

Answer: We offer several propriatary advantages that are designed to help you keep your chairs full, including: AutoConfirm™, Perfect Recall™, and True Time Data™. Our other major advantage is that we don’t have long term contracts. We earn your business every month.



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