What Is Local Gym Advertising?

We offer a unique partnership with Zoom Media to provide the best in dental digital marketing at your local gym. Contact us to check availability!

We are excited to announce our dental marketing partnership with Zoom Media. Their digital Advertising Network at your local Goodlife, LA Fitness, Planet Fitness or Gold Gym fitness centre allows us to uniquely tailor dental ads to promote and attract new patients to your practice in an environment where people are positive, focused, and receptive.


Service is available for Canadian and American Dentists!

We are excited to launch the showcasing of local businesses on the large HDTV monitors positioned in the cardio area and the strength areas that also display music videos and gym news. This digital programming will give you the ability to educate members about what you offer.

Health club members are a desirable audience for dental practices since they tend live more active lifestyles, have more disposable income, care more about their appearance and overall well-being.


Local Gym Advertising Package: $2,200 Annually

This is a unique, cost-efficient and powerful communication medium that will connect your dental practice to existing patients and prospective patients who live and work in the community for an entire 12-month period. New patients, referrals and dental emergency patients are potential opportunities from this investment.

Your commitment would be for one full year. The annual cost of $2,200.00 includes design, production, dental marketing expertise and airtime. This is for one location. Investment is paid in 2-3 monthly payments.

  • Your dental practice ad will be displayed for two minutes, every hour of every day
  • Each dental ad creative will be changed every 90 days of the 12-month contract
  • Identity Namebrands Inc. will provide dental marketing expertise to develop all dental ads
  • Advertisers have location exclusivity and first option to renew.
  • Professionally produced digital media may include:  Static Ads, Text-Scrolls, 30 sec. Ads and Sponsor Blitz.

Click Here To View A Live Stream Of Our Customized Dental Gym Ads!

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If interested in reserving one of our exclusive spots, or if you have any questions, please contact us at your earliest convenience at 416-619-9132.

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