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Dental Video Production Services In Toronto, ON

Visual and verbal communications are key to attracting new patients & referrals

We are always looking for new ways to help you promote and market your business. So, when we see new opportunities for your business it is our job to help you seize them. Nowadays, being ‘video-active’ has become a very important characteristic for businesses and brands to posses. Accordingly, and based on our 20+ years of experience in dental marketing, we suggest you be part of this new dental marketing trend.

At Identity Namebrands Inc. we provide Custom Dental Video Marketing Services that enhance your website’s internet marketing and social media marketing strategy. Custom dental videos are an excellent way for you to promote your brand new office, expertise, convenience and quality of your services -everything that people should know about your business that sets you apart from your competitors.

We can make custom dental videos in any format and for any medium.  This versatility allows you to use your dental videos in a TV commercial, website and social media campaign. It might seem like a long and difficult process but we are here to make that easier for you. Our professional and dedicated team of producers, videographers and editors will guide through each step to ensure the quality and professionalism of your video. We can service clients anywhere across North America. All you have to do is choose the preferred length and the type of video that is best suitable for your business. Here are a few samples of our dental video creativity:

Mall Kiosk- Dental Video Production


A perfect example of a bold and beautiful slideshow used to attract the attention of shoppers within a very busy mall environment in Toronto.

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