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Dental Signs (light boxes, channel letters and pylon signs) are so widespread, you hardly notice them until you’re in need of the service the business provides. They also have the power to influence our buying decisions because of their inherent repetitive nature, boldness and call to actions. Signage leverages the “convenience factor” very well because its design is simple enough to generate an immediate emotional response.

Most small business owners know they need signage, but they think of it as merely a marker identifying their business, not as a powerful marketing tool. Ineffective signage has poor positioning, low visibility, wrong content, poor lighting and a poor design. At Identity Namebrands Inc., we help you determine the right type of sign for your business. We start by evaluating your site and landlord specifications to determine size and positioning parameters. Our designers then, mock-up your signage so that you can visualize its effectiveness and potential for attracting new patients. Our production team then, takes your project to completion and makes sure your overall expectation is met and preferably exceeded.

Great dental signage (light boxes, channel letters and pylon signs) will help you:

  • Attract New Dental Customers
  • Brand Your Business
  •  Create Impulse/Walk-In Sales

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Exterior Dental Signage

Light Boxes, Channel Letters Signs, Pylon Signs and Building Signs work 24/7. Their effect is continuous!

Dental Signage Identity Namebrands Toronto Channel LettersAt Identity Namebrands Inc., we understand “sign language”, no pun intended. The best type of exterior sign is a lit-channel letter sign or a traditional lit-light box. The non-lit alternatives are used only in certain circumstances. Modern exterior signs are very bright and long-lasting. We will help you determine what is the best type of signage for your needs and manage your project from start to completion.

Our signage (Light Boxes, Channel Letters Signs, Pylon Signs and Building Signs) experience is your advantage. Let our dental sign experts help you create an effective design that includes the business name, logo and other important contact information about your business’ brand strategy. Signs draw attention to your practice and help differentiate it from its competitors. Colour is important; we do not want your sign to get lost among the other building signs. It needs to stand out. Since they are visible all the time, it’s asDental Signage Toronto Identity Namebrands Dental Marketing
if they’re a 24 hour salesperson working exclusively for your business. Great exterior signs will increase your exposure, attract new patients and enhance your reputation.
We also do side-walk signs. They are perfect for practices located in plazas, malls or shopping centres, where foot traffic is common. A-frame signs, for example, are excellent near roads to promote a seasonal offer or specials to drivers and pedestrians. They come in different shapes and sizes; the most common type is the metal-frame signs.

We design your dental signs, get your approval, print them out and install them for you!



Dental Interior Signage

Internal marketing means growing your business with quality patients!

At Identity Namebrands Inc., we understand how important interior signage is to your internal marketing strategy. Interior signage drives patient loyalty, quality referrals and helps you establish your brand. Our goal is to help you make a great first impression that will win the trust and confidence of every new patient that walks through your doors. Our suggestion is to let go of the standard artsy decorations and think outside the box to find new ways to market your practice. Here are our top interior signage recommendations:

Aluminum logos | Dental marketing Toronto Identity Namebrands Inc
Reception Aluminum Logos. Aluminum logos create a neat and professional atmosphere in your reception area that allows you to establish credibility and reputation almost instantly. They welcome patients to your practice and promote your logo, name and overall brand.

Vertical Displays are the best way to market new services, special offers, or showcase your work. A well designed vertical display will attract your patients’ attention right away.


vertical display board | dental marketing Identity Namebrands Toronto We also offer you Tradeshow Signs for all your exhibition and event marketing needs. If you are displaying your brand at a tradeshow, seminar, or conference give us a call today.

If you are looking to add a touch or character to your walls, you should consider murals and dental posters . We offer custom designed murals and a wide collection of dental posters in all areas of dentistry.

Impress your patients!

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Dental Windows Graphics or Displays

Catch their attention all day long with customized dental window graphics or displays!

How many times have you heard your patients tell you “I didn’t know you were here”? You are not alone. Many of our window graphic clients had the same problem but it was eliminated with the implementation of a beautiful window dental window graphics Toronto Identity Namebrands dentistdisplay design. Enhancing your signage with customized, elegant window coverings is a great way to attract new clients, increase your practice visibility and create privacy for patients.

Window graphics or displays are ideal for any dental, medical or spa location with a high volume of pedestrian traffic or street visibility. At Identity Namebrands Inc., we offer permanent, solid or perforated, vinyl material for exterior or interior applications. We also offer frosted vinyl graphics to create various degrees of privacy in the interior glass surfaces of your reception, consult and office rooms. Our window graphics or displays are UV protected and are backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against uneven fading and installation defects. Our team of signage experts will help you select the type of vinyl that is best suited to your particular needs.

dental window displays Toronto Identity Namebrands dentistDepending on your location, window graphics or displays have the potential to increase traffic flow by 3-5+ patients per month. We have the ability to install various types of vinyl graphics including, solid interior vinyl, solid exterior vinyl, perforated interior vinyl, perforated exterior vinyl, static cling temporary posters, frosted vinyl and vinyl cut graphics.

Call us for a quote to design, print and install your dental window graphics or displays!
• If you are in the local area, we will arrange a visit.
• For out-of-town clients, all we need is accurate dimensions of your particular windows (inches) and photographs of your practice so that we can mock-up your windows.
• A $250 deposit fee is required to start the project. This deposit is applied to the completion of your overall/partial project but it is otherwise non-refundable.



Interior Dental Wall Murals

Murals are a great way to add energy to your treatment rooms, hallways, and reception area. Murals can be used to promote services, capture the imagination of your clients, relax them and make them comfortable before treatment, or communicate an important message. All Murals come printed on vinyl; UV protected and can be mounted on a cintra/pvc board, or framed according to the look & feel of your office. The possibilities are endless!

At Identity Namebrands Inc., we offer you the ability to customize your murals before printing, and arrange for a professional installation.

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