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This snoring and sleep apnea brochure was designed to help dentists who offer sleep disorders solutions market more effectively to their patient base. We thank Dr. John Viviano and his expertise in the field of sleep disorders for his assistance and insight into putting this brochure together. You now have a customized marketing tool at your disposal that will allow your dental team to promote airway orthotic therapy more easily and help you with your evaluations and case presentations.

How To Use Our Sleep Disorders Solutions Brochure

1. Use It In Your Waiting Area Or Front Desk.

We recommend placing a few brochures in your waiting area or front desk counter so that patients can read it to take one with them. You will be surprised how many women will take one for their husbands. This is also a great time for your front desk professionals to ask if the patient wants to book an evaluation appointment for their loved one.

2. Use Sleep Apnea Brochure Chairside.

Your dental hygienists should always assess potential patients using the “Are You Sleep Deprived?” test on the brochure. Based on the score, it will be easy to convert those patients into sleep evaluation appointments. The patient should be given the brochure with the completed test to take home for future consideration.

3. Use The Sleep Disorders Brochure During The Consultation.

Your models and sample appliances are great visual tools but while the patient is waiting for you, it is a great opportunity for them to read more information or even watch a 3-minute testimonial video.  Make it a point to hand them a brochure when the assistant sits them down for the sleep consultation.

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Customized Dental Brochures Design | Version 3 | Sleep Disorders Solutions
Customized Dental Brochures Design | Version 2 | Sleep Disorders Solutions

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