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Identity Namebrands Inc. is now distributing Dear Doctor TV, an innovative new approach to delivering the finest, most entertaining educational content available for today’s savvy dental consumers in Canada.

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Exceptional Patient Care & Education Starts in the Waiting Room!


On average, patients spend more than 15 minutes in your reception area during each visit. Put that time to good use with Dear Doctor TV. With our educational, entertaining and consumer-friendly content, your patients will learn more about dentistry as you build your brand in a fun and relaxing way. Dear Doctor TV can help you:

  • Increase service awareness of elective procedures.
  • Educate your patients & answer FAQ’s.
  • Increase revenues.
  • Decrease perceived wait times.
  • Reduce patient anxiety.
  • Build and strengthen patient relationships.



Spring Special!

Only $99 a month

Regularly $129 per month + $595 setup fee | All Fees in US Dollars



IDENTITY NAMEBRANDS INC. is a licensed Canadian Dear Doctor TV reseller.

Dear Doctor TV Highlights

Quality Content

Quality Content

We produce and broadcast trusted, accurate and entertaining programming in high-definition.

No Long-Term Commitments

No Long-Term Commitments

We work hard to earn your business each and every month with quality you can count on.

New Programming Delivered Regularly

New Programming Delivered Regularly

We are constantly creating new segments that are delivered to your TV instantly and automatically.

Practice-Specific Programming

Practice-Specific Programming

With Dear Doctor’s intelligent delivery system, your screens will only display content that best suits your practice.

Subtitles Available

Subtitles Available

Broadcast can be provided with or without sound to suit your office environment.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Simply plug in your pre-programmed media player and your TV comes to life.

Content Designed to Educate, Entertain & Engage

Dear Doctor is constantly creating new programming to educate and entertain your patients. Below are some of the many segments they’ll see on DDTV!

Treatment Overviews-Dear Doctor TV

Treatment Overviews

Promote elective dentistry with great visual segments that explain treatments and procedures specific to your practice.

Did You Know Video-Dear Doctor TV

Did You Know?

Provocative short segments that offer new ways of looking at dentistry and oral health help change  patient perspectives.

Life Changing Smiles-Dear Doctor TV

Life-Changing Smiles

Life-changing stories of everyday people undergoing dental makeovers can influence your patients’ buying decisions.

Wedding Day Smiles-Dear Doctor TV

Wedding Day Smiles

A beautiful smile is a great asset for any special occasion. We highlight that to your patient base with great before and afters.

News Break Videos -Dear Doctor TV

News Break

Keep up with world news and the latest events.

Referrals -Dear Doctor TV

Ask For Referrals

Do you want quality patients? Ask for patient referrals! Let your patients know you are accepting new patients.

Celebrity Interviews-Dear Doctor TV

Celebrity Interviews

Stars share motivating stories about their own dental health and experiences that have changed their lives and careers.

Top 5 -Dear Doctor TV

Top 5 Countdown

Information-filled segments organized into engaging top-five lists of tips and facts are entertaining features.

Fun Facts -Dear Doctor TV

Fun Facts

Fun facts about dentistry are visually engaging and fun for kids and adults while they wait in the reception area.

Tooth Tips -Dear Doctor TV

Tooth Tips

Advice on oral health geared to younger patients and their parents to help them keep their smile beautiful and healthy.

Notable Quotables -Dear Doctor TV

Notable Quotables

Find out what actors, musicians, sports heroes and other notables have to say about all things dental.

Average Rating -Dear Doctor TV

Positive Patient Reviews

Want to improve your online reputation or bury a negative review? Ask your patient for specific social media reviews.

Oral Hygiene Instruction -Dear Doctor TV

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Enhance verbal communication with visual demonstrations that highlight effective oral hygiene care.

By the Numbers - Dear Doctor TV

By the Numbers

Some dental topics are best told by the numbers, with stats and figures that provoke thought and conversation.

Dental Trivia - Dear Doctor TV

Dental Trivia

Brain-teasers about movies, television, sports and other subjects — all with a dental focus are part of the entertainment.

Health News- Dear Doctor TV

Health News

If it has to do with dentistry, we’ll show it to your patients! Oral cancer and the link between oral and body health are key!

Chew On This- Dear Doctor TV

Chew On This

Nutritional information and advice for optimal oral and body health.

Welcome To The Team- Dear Doctor TV

Welcome to the Team

Welcome new associates, congratulate & recognize the efforts of your dental team and welcome new patients. You can do it all.

Technical Support- Dear Doctor TV



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